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Want to design your own ring? We've got you covered with 17 years of experiences and 200+ design projects!

Easy Start! Just send us a description or drawing of the ring you want to make or a modification of a ring you saw on the site and we can make your dream/ your team/ college a personal gift/ championship ring a reality.

*Minimum Quantity:  10 rings / design

The Process: 

1. You draw and/or describe the ring design you or your team have in mind and we turn it into a 3D design render.

2. You review the 3D design and once you approved and agreed on proceeding, we will use it to make a ring mold. This will be used to create a sample ring.

**All sales are final once you have approved and agreed on final mold design**

3. After you approve the sample, we would bulk produce the final rings and ship them over to you and your team.

**You may submit additional revision to the ring plating (colorization). However, structural changes related to the mold may results in additional cost.

What's Included?: 

For $200, we will create a custom mold based on the 3D design of the ring you have approved. Using this mold, we create 1 sample ring and send them to you for your review. Price will vary based on number of revisions.

 How long will it take?: 

The entire process usually takes about 30-45 days to produce the mold and get you a sample and another 12-17 days to get your bulk order ready.

What's the cost per ring?: 

Ranges from $25-$50 per ring. Price varies by order quantity and design of the ring. Please contact us for more details.


Please click HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

**All custom rings sales are final. No exchange or return allow (unless defective)**


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